Once you’ve graduated from university, having been a member of the men’s football club at the University of Exeter, you automatically become an EUAFC alumni. With thousands of EUAFC alumni spread across the world we hope to keep in touch with our alumni, wherever you may be!

We’d love to hear from past EUAFC members keeping us updated with how they are getting on in the real world and be able to share photos on this page of our previous members across the world, representing EUAFC stash or the iconic joker card!

As you may be aware the club is ever expanding and improving year on year and with this in mind, you as alumni can play a huge role in the future of the club. We are constantly on the lookout for sponsors, from shirt sponsors to advertising hoardings at Topsham or maybe providing catering services on a match day, all sponsorship is greatly appreciated. As an alumni you have a fantastic opportunity to give back to the club that undoubtedly played a huge part in your university life.

Club members benefit hugely from alumni support during their time at Exeter and, as such, hopefully you will feel it appropriate to support future members. The club simply couldn’t offer the sporting experience that it does without the ongoing support of its alumni community. We would like to ask all graduated students to consider starting a small regular gift, from just £2 per month, to EUAFC. Small donations from many soon build up to significant sums and will help our club purchase equipment, enhance coaching support, improve player experience, increase facility usage and hence drive the club forward. To set up a regular donation to your Club, please follow the link below to our giving page, select ‘The Sports Fund’ and specify your Sports Club. Every penny that you give will go to your Club to enhance the sporting experience for future generations of students.

For further information, or if you, the company you work for, or anybody you know wishes to make a donation or sponsorship to EUAFC please contact